Architectural Committee


The DRC (Design Review Committee) is here to help maintain and protect property values by creating and preserving an attractive community.  

The DRC consists of homeowner volunteers of Sundance Ranch.  The Committee uses the covenants, conditions, restrictions (CC&Rs), bylaws and the Architectural guidelines when reviewing any application. Each design approval application will be processed fairly, reasonably and in a timely manner.

Prior to submitting an application, please review Architectural guidelines to make sure your request will comply with the Sundance Ranch Community’s standards. The Architectural guidelines are found on this website, the latest CD or contact PDS Management Company for a copy.

When submitting an application please include the following:

1.      Architectural Approval Form
2.      Plot Plan 
3.      Elevation Plans 
4.      Specifications 
5.      Photograph 
6.      City Permits

Before starting any project please get approval first. The DRC is here to help you design improvements that comply with the Sundance Ranch Community’s standards.

Please, if you have any questions call PDS Management.